Be a resource for adoptive grandparents, kinship and foster parents who are raising children and supporting families the second time around.

Through our organization, caregivers gain educational tools and supportive resources needed to provide safe, stable, permanent homes that promote the well-being for children to thrive.

Community & Faith Outreach Initiative, Inc., uses peer-based volunteers from diverse neighborhoods and faith communities in Indiana to provide programs and activities that increase positive support for families. 



Create a central Indiana Resource Guide for grandparents, kinship caregivers, adoptive, and foster parents on comprehensive information needed to navigate multiple systems.


To provide six programmatic activities that reinforce positive promotion of family safety, stability and unification.

To educate families on how to create and cultivate healthy relationship dynamics inside and outside of the home.


To promote social media and community-based campaigns on positive parenting to strengthen bonds between families and their surrounding communities.


To inform kinship caregivers of their rights as guardians and the resources available to them for support.


To encourage healthy lifestyle habits: (i.e. adequate rest, physical activity, exposure to nature, balanced nutrition, dental and personal hygiene.


Providing educational training workshops for Foster Parents, so they can stay updated.