Our Son’s Bakery (OSB) is a start-up urban bakery home vendor located near Martindale-brightwood neighborhood of Indianapolis.  Our Son’s Bakery is a social enterprise supporting minority male youth in the Indianapolis community through developing skills in entrepreneurship, baking, customer service, sales, collaboration, leadership and health.

Our mission is to offer high quality baking products at a competitive price to meet the demand of local area residents while exposing male youth to positive aspects of entrepreneurship and baking.

Our Vision is to establish a social support network to promote viable success in legal entrepreneurial enterprises for male youth.

Proceeds from the sale of our bakery goods will be used to fund youth recreational activities, tutoring, higher education exposure, pro-social engagement activities, and family resource support to minimize academic achievement gaps, prevent juvenile delinquency, youth crime and violence.

The adults teaching and supporting the male youth has extensive experience in baking, networking, marketing and business management. Our Son’s Bakery offers their customers with its variety of “feel good” and “taste good” baked and pastry products.