You do not have to be a guardian of the child to receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and your income and assets are not counted in the child’s eligibility. There are two types of TANF assistance: Child Only Grants and Regular TANF Grants.

Child Only Grants provide, regardless of the grandparents’ or other relative caregiver’s income, a small grant of approximately $100 per month. Children receiving this grant automatically qualify to receive medical assistance. If the grandparent is working, the child may also qualify for day care assistance. Eligible children can receive monthly assistance until they reach the age of 18.

Regular TANF Grants are available if grandparents have a limited income. This amount is greater than the child-only grant. Grandparents are then subject to work participation requirements. The benefits are limited to a period of five years

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  1. Ronnye Morgan Simmons Reply

    Greetings, I am attempting to locate organization of this magnitude in/near Birmingham Alabama as I am team of ONE to five grandchildren ages 10-4 years old.
    I have them due to extenuating circumstance with their parents.

    • Mary Reply

      Hi! Pastor Simmons, I hope by posting your request that someone in the Birmingham, Alabama area will see this and contact you. God bless you for stepping up for your grandchildren.

      • Mary Reply

        Pastor Simmons go to website they have a locator for different States, this may help you find a Support Group.

      • Lisa Williams Reply

        I was just looking over ur organization website. And, I saw the information about tanf for relatives taking care of family. I didn’t know that you could receive tanf if ur not the parent. And, you automatically qualify for Medicaid. And, could possibly receive CCDF if you work. WOW!!! Great information to pass on.

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