“It takes a village to raise a child” is an old African Proverb meaning that parents need help from Uncles, Aunts, Granddad, Grandma, Big Mama, and members of the community. Grandparents today have been put in the position of rearing their grandchildren, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as parent’s abuse of drugs, alcohol abuse, abandonment, incarceration, mental illness, unemployment, divorce and death, etc.

COVID-19 Community Service Project

COVID-19 has devastated our families and with the more infectious strain coming, we need to do more to protect our families. Family budgets are stretched and limited due to food insecurity and limited income due to job loss, children being home school, so families now must provide 3 meals and snacks. Many depend on Food Stamp assistance programs or food pantries, and some are homeless, but these programs do not supply items that are needed to keep our homes, cars, and us safe from the virus. Community & Faith Outreach Initiative, Inc, are providing Home Care and Car Care Kits for families and Personal Care Kits for the homeless. This would provide the necessary disinfecting supplies thus allowing budget money to go toward food and other necessities. Having food is important, but if we do not do our part to help end this virus, we will not have any family or friends left to enjoy the food. These Kits will help families to disinfect their homes and cars and the people in them.  We hope to give out 500 kits.  Please help us with your donation! Your donation is tax deductible! Click on the button above to DONATE:   

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Community Service Project


  Kinship Support Group Meeting on Zoom the first Tuesday of the Month at 4:00pm. All is Welcome!